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Supra iBox - Agents may use as many keyboxes as they require, without having to purchase a $125 keybox. Do you have 10 listings? At other Boards you have to spend $1250 on lockboxes - at ARBOR - zero investment!! This could become quite costly over a period of time. Lockbox upgrades and malfunction replacements are always free at ARBOR.

How To Get The EKey App On Your Phone

E-Keys for iPhone and Android Phones

E-Keys require a compatible smart phone. Supra E-Key Apps are installed on your smartphone. E-Key services are billed quarterly just like the older XpressKey. 

SupraWeb Goes Mobile...SupraWEB Mobile is designed specifically for smartphones.  It works with iPhone and Android Devices

The site lets you perform the following common tasks when you are on the go: Get an update, Email a client a showing report, Manage Feedback, and View

showings Click Here for Info

XpressKEY Resources
Choose a link below to view information about your XpressKEY®.

​How-To Videos

Introduction to your eKEY app

Update your eKEY App

Open a Keybox with eKEY

Open/Release a shackle with XpressKEY

To Change your pin please call ARBOR (817) 701-2490

 EKey Resources



Location Services for eKEY on Android

Authorization Code for eKEY app

Frequently Asked Questions

Data at the Door Tips


eKEY Quick Guide
eKEY Basic Refresh Guide

eKEY Professional Refresh Guide

eKEY User Manual

eKEY Error Codes

eKEY Basic/Pro Comparison

Supra Home Tour Quick Guide

End User License Agreement (EULA)




Opening a key container with the Supra eKEY app

Using the Apple Watch with the Supra eKEY app

Supra Home Tour - Agent Information

Supra Home Tour - Buyer Information


Arbor Keybox Transfer Form - Use this form to transfer Arbor lockboxes from one agent to another.

Assign Supra Keybox to your Listing

This option will allow you to assign Supra KeyBox information to a listing. 

To assign a Supra KeyBox, select a listing on the Add/Edit Property List tab, then click Assign KeyBox.  A new window will open and you will be logged into the GE Supra website.  Follow the onscreen instructions.

Note: The Property List tab displays the search results that you generate from the View Menu