Arlington Board of REALTORS® Statement of Support for Racial Harmony in our Neighborhoods and Communities.


The Arlington Board of REALTORS® (ARBOR) invites you to join hands in support for racial harmony in our neighborhoods and communities. We share a deep sorrow as we mourn the loss of George Floyd and others who died needlessly.

Working together, understanding one another, and finding common ground have always been a smart approach to business but it is also a proven path to build friendships and heal broken hearts.

As real estate practitioners and citizens of America, we join hands to find answers to discrimination and prejudice. Solutions come as we seek knowledge and understanding. Solutions are found in our Code of Ethics and dedication to live by the Golden Rule. Solutions may also come from changes to laws and systems, but these will only take root if they also come with a commitment to the Rule of Law and a love of God and our neighbor. Solutions will come as we unite to mourn a needless loss of life and reject all violations of trust.

Therefore, we express our deepest sorrow for the senseless violence that took the life of George Floyd. We join others in mourning with his family, friends, community, and nation. We are all fibers of a tapestry of life, a beautiful weave of diversity. Kindness is the common thread and so we call on all ARBOR members to join in collaboratively building bridges of understanding. 

Hand in hand, we express our deepest sympathies with everyone experiencing pain and grief. We all must do our part to ensure all are safe and free from discrimination. We are committed to the Fair Housing Act and the Code of Ethics. We join the Texas REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS® in calls to address racial injustice and build safe and inclusive communities; “Building the future begins with equal access to housing and opportunity for all.”