Our Association Staff...

Our Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You may contact us by phone, fax, or e-mail. The following is a staff directory to assist you in contacting us. Each of our staff members is glad to help you in any way possible, or to refer you to the most appropriate person to meet your needs 

Larry Johnson


Oversees the Association in general, and serves as liaison to the Board of Directors, Foundation Board of Directors and oversees all committees. Oversees the staff and internal operations of the Association. Oversees the government affairs and TREPAC involvement, including candidate interviews, fundraising, and political issues impacting private property rights and the real estate industry.

Teri Woodson

Executive Assistant

Responsible for administrative support of ARBOR's Chief Executive Officer. Responsible for coordination and administration of all TREPAC events. Staff Laison to the TREPAC Committee Executive Committee and Foundation Board.

Cindy Stevenson

Accounting Director

Responsible for all accounting and bookkeeping activities. Serves as Human Resources coordinator for the Association. Staff laison to the Budget\Finance Committee and the By-Laws Committee.

Tom Hill

MLS\IT Director

Oversees the MLS Department and is responsible for MLS technical support and training, software questions, Listing Checker, and MLS rules enforcement. Also oversees website and digital media functions. Responsible for network and internal systems administration. Serves as staff liaison to the MLS Committees.

Erica Wise

MLS Specialist\Trainer

Responsible for ARBOR's social media presence. Responsible for MLS technical support and rules enforcement, in-person and telephone support of members, and software questions and technical training classes. Staff Laison to the YPN Committee, Special Events Committee.

Vicki Williams

Education Director

Oversees education and professional development classes and course registration. Coordinates internal and external instructors. Responsible for class content and CE reporting. Serves as staff liaison to the Education Committee and the Property Management Committee.

Andrea Greiner

Membership Director

Responsible for in-person and telephone support of members, new member processing, issuing Supra keycards and iBoxes, REALTOR® Store support, and credit report processing. Staff laison to the Affiliates Committee.

Cody Vaden

Government Affairs  Director

Responsible for government affairs and TREPAC. Duties include political issues regarding the real estate industry at national, state and local levels of government, candidate interviews, fundraising. Staff laison to the TREPAC Committee.

Kayse Brown

Receptionist\Board Store

Responsible for REALTOR® Store purchasing, receiving, and stocking. Responsible for receptionist duties and monitoring of lockbox activities.

Diana Lozano

Ellis Hill Administrator

Oversees the Waxahachie Service Center, serves as receptionist, class monitor and store clerk.