Technology Professional Certification

By becoming an T-Pro member, you not only prove to consumers that you use the most advanced real estate technology to provide exceptional service, you also increase your productivity and put technology to work for you.  

If you want to learn and grow as a real estate professional, the T-Pro series of courses is a great way to hone your skills and stay on the cutting edge of our real estate industry. Look at the Online Calendar for classes. Registration for a class is necessary for seating.

New T-Pro for 2018

  • Many of the T-Pro Classes offer CE hrs and more are being added. Also many of the afternoon classes include a free lunch as well. ( Class detail will note any CE hours and lunch served)

T-Pro New Agent Specialist (Level I )

·       This New Agent Series is designed for the real estate agent needing knowledge in certain areas that they will use every day in their business. Complete these 6 technology classes within a 12 month calendar year (Jan- Dec). Classes Consist of:

  • Intro to Matrix MLS- Basics * Listings 101 * Prospecting with Matrix * Creating Good CMAs * Realist tax * Transaction Desk Basic

·         Receive the Specialist Certificate of Achievement

·         Your Name listed on the ARBOR website for Specialist level


T-Pro Specialist ( Level I )

·         Complete any 6 technology classes within a 12 month calendar year (Jan- Dec)

·         Receive the Specialist Certificate of Achievement

·         Your Name listed on the ARBOR website for Specialist level

T-Pro Master ( Level II )

·         Take an additional 8 ARBOR Technology Classes during a calendar (Jan-Dec) 18 month period (Total 14 classes)  Specialist Classes from the previous year may be included. Time periods must be contiguous. Classes may not be repeated for this level.

·         Receive the Master Certificate of Achievement

·         Receive the T-Pro Pin, presented at an ARBOR Luncheon

·         Your name is listed on ARBOR's T-Pro Website



T-Pro Hall of Fame and Achievement Award ( Level III )

The Hall of Fame level continues your technology education, building upon the Master level you have achieved. From the Master 14 classes, you must complete 16 additional classes within a contiguous 36 month period, for a total of 30 technology related classes exclusively at ARBOR. Ten (10) of these 16 classes must be classes you have not attended before. Other classes attended more than 2 times will not count toward T-Pro. The 36 month period must be contiguous (connected in time).

  • Receive your name engraved on the Hall of Fame plaque displayed at ARBOR
  • Receive the Certificate of Achievement for this level


T-Pro Hall of Fame

Laura Moore- RE/MAX Associates of Mansfield

Jan Peterson - Stanfield REALTORS

Ken Davis - Keller Williams Arlington

T-Pro Masters

Ellen Batchelor - Catherine Bledsoe

Robyn Eastman - Laura Moore

Betty Fry - Judy Hearn

Lanae Humbles - Darlene Johnson

Joanne O'Neil - Stacy Hunstable

Jan Peterson - Emmanuel Lumanze

Josie White - Samantha Gillin

Yen Nguyen - Bob Vinson

Tricia Wilson - Samantha Fuller

Art Rolader - Bobbie Johnson

Julie Cook - Mely Trevino

Diane Flynn - Ashley Loggins

Rene Olivier - Alvin Warren

Pam Bookout - Erskine Rose

Debbie Minardi - Whitney Turner

Barbara Landers - Ken Davis

Donna Ross - Alex Conrad

Erica Wise


Cindy Bisset-Beadles - Patricia A Austin

Rafael Espinal - Caye Felton

Tammy Butler - Sherry Cabanski

Allice Herron - Yolanda Matos

Cynthia Scaife - Janette Jordan

Georgia Garrett - Susan Garcia

Dennis Stanley - Jeannie Gaer

Kathy Serie - Joetta Stephens

Janis Pestinger - Judy Williams

Randy Dicken - Dina Miqdadi

Linda Philpott - Barbara Richardson

Lisa Niefert - Ryan Rudolph