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Open House \ Luncheon Flyer

  • Flyer must be a REALTOR® Luncheon Type Open House for an MLS Listing

  • Flyer received by ARBOR by 12:00pm Noon on Mondays and sent out by Tuesday morning.

  • Flyer is received in a PDF or JPG ONLY format, ready to view\print

  • $25 per Listing, payable on Monday by cash, credit card or check. Non-Members $35 per Listing

  • FLYER may be delivered by email, payment may be made by credit card or delivered in person with cash, check or credit card.

  • Contact Teri Woodson for Open House\Luncheon Flyers.

Weekly Update Email Advertising


Market your business directly to our membership of approx 1956 REALTORS® ,Appraisers and Affiliates on a weekly basis for only $25 per month for members.

1. Small, 150 X 150 pixel ads are purchased monthly and included and pushed to our membership with the Weekly Update Email each week. These small ads will include a hyperlink to your Website or other internet-based ad.

2. You must furnish the 150 X 150 pixel ad in JPG image format to ARBOR, or ARBOR will create the banner for you at a one-time fee of $50. Ads will be billed quarterly.

3. If your business can be utilized by our real estate members, whether it be a service or product, this is a great way to spread your name quickly and cost-effectively. The Weekly Update enjoys an amazing 62% view rate, which is well above the average.

4. Contact Tom Hill for Weekly Update advertising,

Website Banner Advertising

Affiliate Members and Non-Members are able to market their business directly to our membership of over 1,956 REALTORS® and Appraisers and to the General Consumer Public.

1. Affiliate Members receive a listing on our website with links to their email and web plus availability to the ARBOR Membership Roster.

2. If your business can be utilized by our real estate members, whether it be a service or product, our membership is a great way to spread your name quickly and cost-effectively.

3. Banner advertising on  is simple and inexpensive! Thousands of visitors surf through our site each month, searching for REALTORS® and Affiliate businesses who are right for their needs. A banner advertisement on our websites can attract traffic directly to your website.  

Our Advertising Program randomly displays linked banner graphics in the high visibility area of our Home Page. To ensure maximum exposure Banner Ads are automatically refreshed when a new page is loaded. 

Banner Ad on ARBORRotating 120 X 240 Banner Ad:

  •  On our Home Page of  website is $15.00 a month, billed quarterly for ARBOR members (REALTORS® and Affiliates), $45.00 a month for non-ARBOR members, billed annually.

Banner Creation is $50 one time fee if ARBOR does the artwork.

Give us a call today to have your Banner Ad seen by thousands of potential customers. If you want to increase your web site traffic, you must promote it. ARBOR's banner advertising program is one of the most economical and effective ways to advertise your business to a targeted real estate audience.

You may submit either a static image for display on our site. We ask that you limit the size of your graphic to  120 X 240 and under 25k to ensure a fast loading time. Banners that exceed this requirement or whose content is deemed inappropriate may be rejected at the discretion of the Arlington Board of REALTORS®, Inc®. ARBOR will build your Banner for you, if needed, at an additional one-time fee.

Contact Tom Hill for Web banner advertising,


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